VIP Members

Our V.I.P. program at Oak Gables is the very best way for a casual golfer to save money! No sense paying FULL price, when you can flash your VIP card and save $8 every 18 holes!

How it works:

  1. Buy your VIP card ($20 from the proshop)
  2. Save on Green fees and cart rentals
  3. Come back and save all summer!

Heres a little math for a golfer who plays only 3 rounds a year with cart who decides VIP is not for them:

18 holes with cart @ regular price – $50 x 3 rounds = $150

If that same golfer becomes a VIP member:

18 holes with cart @ VIP pricing – $38 x 3 rounds = $114 + $20 membership = $134

Total savings after only 3 rounds: $16!!!

These Discounts are valid any time, 7 days a week. This is a no brainer- buy your VIP card Today!!